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Телефоны: 8 (926) Пнд-Птн 9:00-18:00, Москва, Россия
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Кии для бильярда Mezz
Кии для бильярда Schon
Кии для бильярда Joss
Кии для бильярда Lucasi
Кии для бильярда Cuetec
Кии для бильярда Predator
Кии для бильярда Star
Кии для бильярда Fury
Кии для бильярда Orchid
Кии для бильярда Pechauer
Кии для бильярда Players
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Кии для бильярда Rage
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Игровой стол - аэрохоккей ''Fire'' 8ф (черно-красный)
Игровой стол - аэрохоккей ''Fire'' 8ф (черно-красный)
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McDermott Intimidator I-shaft
Black - Tour Edition 8 ft. 3030-778

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*Special Order Color*
Championship Tour Edition is the finest worsted billiard cloth available, and the ultimate for speed, consistency and playability. Championship Tour Edition cloth is so durable that it lasts 30% longer than any other worsted billiard fabric on the market. It's made from merino wool-the finest grade of wool available - mixed with nylon. Strings of Merino wool are extremely long and fine, allowing them to be woven much tighter than other wools so that more wool can be used in the cloth's construction, resulting in a far more durable 24oz. cloth. This means fewer divots and a longer-lasting cloth. Despite it's weight, the cloth plays faster than any other on the market because of Championship's vacuum decating process. This special process compacts the cloth and creates a perfectly even playing surface with a super-hard finish.
This cloth plays so well and so fast it was selected for use in the 2001 World One-Pocket Championship.

High resolution

Black - Tour Edition 8 ft. 3030-778

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Кии для бильярда McDermott
Кии для бильярда пула McDermott

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